CO2 Filling machine

Carbon Dioxide Filling Machine

This machine is used for filling liquid carbon dioxide into cylinders. The liquid Carbon Di Oxide is pumped through high pressure manifolds. The cylinders are placed on Weighing platforms and once the specified quantity is filled, the valves gets cut off. The filled cylinders are removed and empty cylinders fitted for filling.


  • Feather touch keyboard
  • Better accuracy and consistency in operations
  • Programmable set point options

Technical Specifications:

SystemLiquid Carbon dioxide Filling System
Capacity50-200 kg.
Resolution (e)100 g
Accuracy± 2 e
Load SensorStrain gauge based Loadcell
Printer (Optional)80 column Dot Matrix
Features of the Control PanelPLC, LCD graphic display to indicate set, achieved and cumulative quantity, keyboard to enter cylinder number, tare weight, error message etc.
Weighing Platform500 mm x 500 mm MS Powder coated
ManifoldSS 304,Evacuation and compensation facility
Control ValvePneumatically operated
Power supply230 V AC, 50 Hz and 3 Phase 440 V
Air Supply5-6 kg / cm2
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