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Jumbo Bag Filling Machine

The WEIGHMATICS Jumbo Bag filling system is high accuracy gravimetric filling equipment. A weighing frame is provided at the floor level for placing the empty bag. The weighing frame rests on high accuracy load sensors. There is a frame with 4 bag holders provided on a structure. The bag is hung on this holder and the mouth of the bag is then clamped to the filling head. The filling head is designed to accept the material discharged from the storage hopper through a dual flap gate. The material is fed in two modes, i.e., Coarse Feed up to 90 - 95% of the set weight and the balance 5 - 10% shall be fed in Fine Feed mode by which we can achieve optimum control of feeding and thereby improve the system accuracy. When the required set weight is achieved the feeding is stopped.

Filling range:- 500kg,650kg 1000kg 1500kg and custome required capacity.

Junbo Bagging with following models also available.

1. Junbo Bagging with Vibratory table
2. Jumbo Bagging with Vaccumisation and dust collecting

Bag Filling Machine

We offer high quality Bag Filling Machines. These Bag Filling Machine consists of a weighing Hopper, Pneumatically operated valves, Discharge chute and an Electronic Filling Controller with LED Indication.

The operator sets the required quantity through the keypad of the electronic control panel on pressing batch start push button the material will flow from the intermediate tank to the Weighing Hopper through a pneumatically operated gate valve and it will close when the required set quantity is achieved. The operator will hold the bag and gives start command by pressing the foot switch for dumping the weighed material into the bag. The material will be flowing to the bag until the zero set is achieved. The discharge gate of the weigh hopper will be closed and the feeder gate will be opened. The material filling will be done as per the set quantity.


Jumbo Bag Filling Machine
Capacity: 500 kg. / 1000 kg.
Direct Bag Filling Machine Capacity: 10 kg to 100 kg.
Pre Weigh & Dump Filling MachineCapacity: 10 kg to 100 kg.


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