Oil Dispensing System

Steering Oil Filling Machine

We manufacture Steering Oil Filling Machine that are designed in conformation with international quality standards. These machines are provided with volumetric piston operated filling system that is used to pack viscous and oils. Our range is available in different specifications to meet the extensive requirements of Paints and Pharmaceuticals industries.

Gravimetric Oil Dispenser

Gravimetric Oil Dispenser offered come equipped with metering equipment as well as pneumatic operated pump that can be easily connected to barrel and find suitability for dispensing of diesel oil, engine oil as well as other transmission fluids with maximum viscosity. These are made available using oval gear meter so as to deliver optimum accuracy support to the process. Further, these also come with different variable presets available for specific use.


  • Available in different finishes to increase productivity of workshops
  • Designed to increase profitability of workshops
  • Compact, economical and easy to use finish
  • Settings through programmable keyboard
  • LED display for the quantity dispensed
  • Cumulative Totaliser, Batch Totaliser etc.
  • Fast Sampling with digital filtering technique
  • NV RAM for parameter memory back up
  • Automatically shuts off at the pre-set value
  • Emergency shut off available
  • Float switch interlock for storage tank to prevent overflow
  • Drip free dispensing nozzle
  • Audio-visual indications for filling and dispensing
  • Easily serviceable
  • Remote Control Panel for easy operation



  • Consists of a weighing hopper suspended on load cells and pneumatically operated filling and dispensing valves
  • Dispensing of oil  done as per loss in weight of oil in the weighing hopper
  • Microcontroller based electronic control panel that has a flexible keyboard for setting the required filling quantity monitors the operation of the gravimetric Lube Oil Dispensing Machine

Technical Specifications:

SystemOil Dispensing System (Gravimetric)
Capacity (Max)15 kg or litres.
Resolution (e)10 g
Accuracy ± 2 e
SensorStrain gauge based Loadcell
Set Points5 No
Features of the Control PanelDual row 12 mm LED display indicates Set weight, Achieved weight, Cumulative quantity
Supply of OilOverhead tank or in a Barrel with pump
Dispensing PumpGear Pump
Control ValvePneumatically operated
Power supply230 V AC, 50 Hz and 3 Phase 440 V
Air Supply5-6 kg / cm2

Volumetric Oil Dispenser

Volumetric Oil Dispenser offered are made available by us in precision designed and constructed finish standards which make these suitable for use in automobile industries for meeting the filling requirements of different varieties of lube oils into vehicles at assembly stage. Further, as these lube oil dispensers are designed & developed using latest tooling support as well as process machinery, we are able to deliver in these precision functionality standards.


  • Suitable for dispensing products like diesel oil, engine oil, automatic transmission fluids
  • Five variable preset totals that are available for use
  • Specifically designed oil dispensing systems as per the work specifications of customers


  • Volumetric lube oil dispensing system consists of a positive displacement flowmeter to accurately measure and dispense the required quantity of lube oil into the vehicles
  • A gear pump driven by an induction motor, pumps the lube oil into the vehicle from the storage facility through pneumatically operated valves and the flowmeter.
  • The Lube Oil Dispenser provided with audio-visual signals to indicate filling as well as completion of the filling cycle
  • A microcontroller based electronic control panel that has a flexible keyboard for setting the required filling quantity monitors the operation of the Lube Oil Dispensing Machine

  • Provision for external batch start
  • Cumulative totaliser, batch totaliser etc
  • Password facility for keyboard settings
  • Full scale calibration through keyboard
  • Resolution, Decimal point selection through keyboard
  • Multi-loop checking for consistency of filling
  • Positive displacement flowmeter with pulser output for accurate flow measurement
  • Audio-visual indication for filling-in-progress/set achieved
  • Dual side outlets (LH & RH) for flexibility of operation

Technical Specifications:

SystemOil Dispensing System (Volumetric)
Number of filling outletsOne/Two (Optional)
Filling CapacityAs per the requirement
SensorPositive displacement Flowmeter
Features of the Electronic Control
Keyboard to set the required quantity, LED
display indicates Dispensed quantiy, Cumulative quantity
Filling HoseRubber Braided hose ½" size - 5 m length
PumpGear Pump
MotorSuitable Capacity
Filling Control ValvePneumatically operated Ball Valve
Air supply5-6 kg / cm2
Power Supply230 V AC, 50 Hz and 3 phase 440 V
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